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Pensacola Green Weenie Tube Fly


Our popular Green Weenie is now available on a tube fly.  A red junction tube is used to hopefully create a strike zone where the hook will be.  Utilizing tube flies has many advantages.  It allows you to use a much shorter shank hook which diminishes the leverage provided by the hook for your catch to wiggle free.  Since the tube fly typically travels up the leader when a fish strikes the hook it doesn't get chewed on as much by those fish with the big chompers, plus if you damage your hook then just swap it out and continue to use the same fly.  This fly typically works for everything you'll find along the Gulf Coast in the salt.  Later when we offer it in smaller sizes it will work great in freshwater as well.  The size of this tube fly is equivalent to a fly tied on a size 1 hook.  The wing material measures 3.25" from the front of the tube to the end of the wing material.