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Terry's Clouser Tube Fly


Terry is the guy that is fishing next to you all day catching left and right when you haven't had a single strike.  He is also the guy who wins all the raffles, but that is a different matter.  Terry swears by this color combination of Clouser fly.  It has a tan belly, olive top, red gill and very importantly a yellow eye.  This fly has caught just about everything out there from flounder and pompano to reds, specs, lady fish and Spanish mackerel.  The only species I can think of he hasn't caught on this is a shark, but give him time.  This fly will also be available soon on a size 1 Daiichi 2546 hook.  This tube fly is tied as its equivalent in a tube fly with the total fly measuring 3.25".  Prove Terry doesn't have all the luck and pick some up today!